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So I´m cleaning out my closet and I´ve found a bunch of things I no longer use so I´m going to sell a lot of it to great prices. Post a comment, facebook me or send me a text if you´re intrested in any item. I think I might have more on the way as well! Good night :)
Jackets size eu 38 for 50 kr each
Dresses one never worn with prizetag for 250kr and the sparkly one is worn once, 200kr both size S
Grey dress size 40 and black PUleather jacket, 20 kr each
Tshirt with wide sleaves, 20 kr, jeanvest 20kr
Cute oversized tshirt size 40, 50kr, Oversized knit, size L 50kr
Cardigans, size M 20 kr each
Scarfs 30kr each
Semitransparent pants, size M, real leather jacket, 100kr each
Knitted sweathers size M, S 50 kr each
Knitted sweaters grey size S, blue size XL, 50 kr each
Shirts, both size 38 and 50kr each
Shirt size M, 50kr, Shoes size 38, 100kr
Cute tanktop with a transparent streak in the middle, size S 80kr
Jacket size 38, 80kr
Spring jacket, size M 250kr

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